What Our Customers Had To Say

"Thank you so much for the training session! We learned so much about teaching our dogs proper manners."

- Dr. Susan Carter

"For the first time I am really experiencing what being a leader feels like. I can tell Riley feels more relaxed and secure.... wow! I am thrilled and amazed and forever grateful for all your help."

- Barb Garzelloni

"In less than an hour Joe had our dog turned into an obedient, talented dog. He even trained the dog's owners on how not to mess it all up! It made a WORLD of difference and was money well spent."

- Chris Griffith

Other Happy Clients

"I can't believe the difference in my dogs. A workman came to the door and into the house-I said QUIET-and they both stopped and sat down. Farley didn't bother the workman at all! He was amazed since he had been here before and Farley was very aggressive. Thank you. You have made our life with Farley so much better-and he is happier dog. The tools you have given me are being carried over to walking manners and I am just thrilled with their progress. I can't thank you enough for all you have already done for us. With many thanks

     -Carolyn Nielsen
the difference in my dogs. A workman came to the door and into the

Just wanted to take the time to write this note thanking you so much for showing me how to train my three dogs. I was amazed to see how quickly your system worked! My dogs now listen to me and watch my every move thanks to you. And, more importantly, their incessant barking has stopped! I am so happy with the results, that I will definitely keep recommending you. Again Joe, my husband and I both want to thank you for making a big difference in our lives!

- Fran Legdan

Just a note to say how much we appreciated your efforts last week. Your presentation from the time you entered our home was really professional and unbelievably helpful. The new harness you left for us was the biggest change. I have to go back to the gym now because I'm not getting the same workout walking Wilson as I was with the old harness. It's almost too easy!! We've also had a lot of fun with the "come" command.

- Cindy & Pete Seaman

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