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Don't pay thousands of dollars for incomplete training when you can receive certified, complete in-home training for a fraction of the usual price! Training includes resolving all problem behaviors, focus and good manners training inside and outside the house, calm leash walking around other people and animals, nutrition training as well as leadership training for owners! Click on our contact tab and start turning your dog into a Canine Good Citizen!

Problem Solving/Behavior Modification

Lack of focus, poor recall, inappropriate barking, jumping, nipping/mouthing, dog on dog and dog on human fear / reactivity / aggression, house-training issues, reactive leash walking, separation anxiety, resource guarding, door darting, inadequate socialization, inappropriate chewing, unruly behavior, digging, stealing food, thunder/sound phobias, etc.

Focus and Commands

Both basic and advanced, including watch, come, sit, stay, stand, calm, down, off, quiet, down, calm leash walking as well as additional commands leave it/take it, fetch it/drop it, find it, chase it etc.

Good Manners

Inside and outside the house, at work and other social settings e.g. parks, restaurants, workplace etc. Canine Good Citizen preparation. We also provide good manners training for dog to dog and dog to human social interactions inside and outside the home including new baby/dog introductions.

Leadership Training

Owners learn how to communicate quickly and effectively with their pack members by posturing their facial expression, vocalizations and body movements. Owners also learn how to control resources for calm behavior, establish rules/structure/discipline and practice good leadership ritual with their pack members.

Canine Good Citizenship Preparation

Canine Command can prepare your dog to take and pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Dog owners choose Canine Good Citizen training as the initial step in advanced training for their dogs. The Canine Good Citizen test is the first step required to involve your dog in community work such as hospice, hospital visits, tracking, search and rescue, etc. The test also has practical ramifications since it can help protect you from liability claims and also lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

Canine Education

Owners receive a detailed training Bible providing in-depth discussion and research on above mentioned topics including breed characteristics, canine communication, learning theory, positive reinforcement, correcting unwanted behaviors, nutrition, training equipment, leadership etc.

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