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The Benefits of Using
Canine Command

If you’re looking to become a great pack leader and build an unshakable strong bond with your dog you’ve come to the right website! Canine Command has been turning growly, jumpy, ill-mannered dogs into focused Canine Good Citizens for over 20 years!

Proven Science-Based Training

Our FAST (fun, affordable, simple and timely) training covers puppies through geriatric dogs. We use Positive Reinforcement, LIMA (Least Intrusive/Minimally Aversive) best practices methodologies taught and endorsed by Animal Behavior College and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers to turn all dogs into Canine Good Citizens!

Personalized For Your Lifestyle

We train in your home or at your worksite, at your convenience. This means we can train mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays to accommodate your lifestyle. We can train using a one-time visit, multiple visits or periodic visits based on your schedule and particular training needs.

Personalized for Your Dog

We evaluate your dog’s unique temperament and personality then show you techniques to enhance owner/dog communication, bonding, respect and cooperation. We teach owners the language of canines-how to posture using your facial expression, vocal tone and body movement to communicate effectively with your furry friend(s). Posturing is a powerful tool that cements the bond between you and your dog.

Leadership Training

No matter how well-trained, a dog won’t pay attention to an owner if he doesn’t respect his/her leadership. Canine Command Owners learn how to control resources, create structure/rules/discipline and practice leadership rituals so their dog stays calm and focused on them.

We Cover It All

Every facet of dog ownership and training is covered during training including breed analysis, nutrition, calm manners inside and outside, obedience, extinguishing all unwanted behaviors, calm leash walking, learning theory and equipment. We also cover breeder versus shelter dogs, new pet introductions to your baby/dog as well as socialization at work, parks, malls, restaurants, groomers and veterinarians.

You’ll Learn Why, Not Just How

We put an emphasis on educating clients on canine posturing, senses and cognition so you’ll understand why training works, not just the mechanics! All clients receive the Canine Command Bible packed with complete, state-of-the-art Animal Behavior College and Association of Professional Dog Trainers training methods and exercises to reinforce everything taught. Your Bible will be a handy and useful reference tool you can use to train your current canines and all future four-footed acquisitions!

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